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Sherry Greenspan​

Sherry Greenspan


Sherry Greenspan, RSMT, DEP, MFLI is a Registered Somatic Movement Therapist and Educator (ISMETA), Certified Pilates Practitioner, Yoga, Dynamic Embodiment Practitioner, Moving for Life Instructor and dance teacher as well as a dancer/ choreographer/ vocalist.

“I passionately share this work, offer resources, options and support where I can. I came to this work, research and practice(s) out of necessity, pain and discomfort. As the decades pass I observe how awareness, choices and information have changed my life deeply, allowed me to be medication free (for years) for the first time in my life, allowed me to enjoy a better quality of experience physically, mentally and spiritually, as well as enabling me to participate in activities I thought I would not enjoy again.”

My experience in the world of movement education and kinesiology? As a Registered Somatic Movement Therapist/Educator (RSMT) Certified Pilates/Yoga Practitioner, Dynamic Embodiment Practitioner(DEP ) and Moving for Life Instructor(MFLI) my current positions as co-curricular teacher at Princeton University teaching Somatic Conditioning for Dance, adjunct professor at Georgian Court University teaching Anatomy/Kinesiology, Wellness for Dancers and Dance History and faculty member of the Center for Kinesthetic Education continue to inform me regarding cutting edge modalities, information, ideas and somatic practices. I am also honored to be a former practitioner at the New York Athletic Club, Movements Afoot and Pivotal Physical Therapy in New York City.

After working in the classical dance world as a choreographer/dancer for many years where I studied Pilates and yoga, among other body/mind/spirit practices including Qi Gung and Kung Fu, I was privileged to receive a scholarship to study Somatic Movement Therapy research and training through Dr. Martha Eddy’s Dynamic Embodiment© Somatic Movement Therapy Training (DE-SMTT). This rich research focuses on the study of the works of Rudolf Laban and BodyMind Centering’s Bonnie Bainbridge-Cohen among other somatic modalities including Hanna, Feldenkrais and Traeger. I then worked in locations throughout NYC including the New York Athletic Club, Movement’s Afoot and Pivotal Physical Therapy, continues to serve as faculty at The Center for Kinesthetic Education, and has taught for 10+ years at the JCC Manhattan, St. Lukes Roosevelt Hospital, 92nd Street Y and Gilda’s Club and Hope Lodge. I continue my research to acquire the most up to date information regarding pain management, neuromuscular reprogramming, movement research/analysis, yoga, meditation and Pilates, BodyMind Centering, Feldenkrais, Qi Gong.

I have been practicing Pilates repertoire for 20+ years and am a fully certified Pilates Practitioner for over 15 years. I incorporate my education and expertise to identify neutral placement in regards to the spine, pelvis, and shoulder girdle for the purpose of loading muscles to invite balanced strengthening. I have had the privilege to studied extensively and work with many well-known Pilates practitioners including Jean-Claude West, Lesley Powell, Doris Pasteleur-Hall, Sue Monti, Anna Schmidt, Karen Carlson, Elizabeth Larkam and kinesiologist/ideokinesis innovator Irene Dowd.

My on-going practice and study of Yoga, Dynamic Embodiment©, Barteneiff, BodyMind Centering© (Developmental work with infants through adulthood), Qi Gung, Feldenkrais, Eric Franklin, Thomas Hanna and other somatic systems continue to inspire and inform my work.

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Doreen Lapadour Addison


Doreen is a dance and somatic movement education specialist, teacher, choreographer, and performer. With over 30 years experience in movement and dance, Doreen has worked extensively with varied populations and ages to improve body awareness, posture, balance, strength, flexibility, while enhancing creativity and self-expression.

Doreen is a Certified Movement Analyst & Registered Somatic Movement Educator, and has a Master’s degree in Dance Education from Columbia University. Her rich movement background includes Laban Movement Analysis, Bartenieff Fundamentals, Cranial Sacral Therapy, Ideokinesis, Reiki, dynamic imagery, Qi Gong, developmental patterning exercises and a variety of dance disciplines, including modern, ballet, jazz, ballroom and latin dance. She is a member of ISMETA, the International Somatic Movement Education and Therapy Association.

Doreen is an Adjunct Dance Professor at Brookdale Community College, Lincroft, NJ where she teaches modern, jazz and ballroom dancing, choreographs and directs student dance recitals and is advisor for the Brookdale Dance Club. She has been a guest teacher at the Young Writer’s Camp at Brookdale for the past 7 years. Doreen is co-creator and facilitator for MindBody Energetics, An Integrative Approach to Movement and Self Expression and Director of Education and Co-Founder of Creation Moves a Somatic and Arts Education Program for youth grades K-5.

Doreen is a participant with Global Water Dances as choreographer and performer to help raise awareness about local and global water issues. She has been involved in several video dance productions. Her last video, Journey, that she directed, choreographed and performed, has been seen in art shows and film festivals including a juried art show where she won first place. Doreen was a ballroom and latin dance performer and competitor. She was a collaborator with Dr Barbara Holstein, positive psychologist creating workshops, performances, participating in seminars, and radio and TV programs for “The Enchanted Self.”

Doreen currently has a private somatic movement education practice in NJ working with people of all ages to improve and bring greater awareness and ease of movement to their movement activities. Doreen derives great joy in helping people discover and access their innate movement intelligence.

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Tina Goodyear

Tina is certified to teach somatic aerial yoga through her extensive work and apprenticeship with Sherry Greenspan, RSMT, DEP, MFLI. Formally a certified kick-boxing and step-aerobics instructor, Tina is now convinced that a kinder and more holistic approach to fitness contributes significantly to overall health and wellness. She is eager to share her practice and continue learning from everyone at Eureka. When not hanging upside down in the fabrics, Tina teaches research and academic writing and recently completed her doctorate in education.

Lindsey Eatough 

Lindsey has been practicing aerial yoga for several years and has been so grateful to be certified to teach and share her practice through working with Sherry Greenspan, RSMT, DEP, MFLI. Formally a consultant, she now works from home for a technology start-up based in Argentina & San Francisco. She enjoys travelling and loves the opportunity to share with both new and experienced individuals her appreciation for somatic aerial yoga.


Chelsea endeavors for everyone to feel better about themselves, whether it is physically or mentally. She has been a cosmetologist since 2010 and has become an educator for a world known company. Two years ago she picked up rock climbing and now climbs already twice a week. She began to focus on yoga to ease and focus on her muscles to better her rock climbing.

Prior to, she always had a love for yoga and anything involving hanging and inversions. She knew aerial yoga was her next move in extending her yoga practice. Instantaneously she fell in love and began her aerial yoga certification. Wanting to build her grip strength and flexibility it was a perfect fit. Now she is wanting to share her love and practice with other people who are open minded and willing to try new things.
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Karin (ERYT-500, YACEP, CPT) has been teaching yoga and meditation since 2008. She took her first yoga class over 20 years ago seeking relief from low back and neck pain. Not only did Karin find relief from pain, but a transformative practice that continues to positively impact every aspect of her life. In her classes, she celebrates the individuality of each student and strives to make classes unique, fun and empowering. A dedicated student of yoga philosophy, anatomy, breathing practices, functional movement, biomechanics and mindfulness, she embodies the premise that the best teachers are life long students. She teaches yoga, meditation, relaxation, mindfulness and somatic movement in public, private and corporate classes and workshops throughout Monmouth county.


Sandi Berman
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After years of constant pain, I met Sherry, first as a dancer (where she glows) and then as a therapist. For one brief year, I had no pain. Sherry is one of the few reasons I would consider moving back to the northeast.
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Sherry is a gifted therapist whose intuitive and extensive knowledge of body mechanics sets the standard for excellence. Her warm, welcoming classes offer a heartfelt and healing blend of multidiscipline experience that is rarely found. Truly a gem.
Mary Ellen
Mary Ellen
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I am happy and grateful to say that working with Sherry has helped me to attain better balance through finding stretching/strengthening exercises which help me attain more flexibility in my hands, feet and shoulders.