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Pilates Innovations

Come and explore how Pilates mat repertoire can benefit you! A fun filled hour with Sherry, a Registered Movement Therapist, Certified Pilates Practitioner who teaches at Princeton University as well as the Center for Kinesthetic Education in NYC, and who has been studying Pilates for over 25 years with several internationally renowned masters.

She has recently been sought after by Bloomsbury publishing company to write a book of her own, hopefully to come soon! In this class we will explore versions of the Pilates material that are profitable for heightened strength, flexibility, integration and ease-utilizing props and silk/spandex hammocks, BodyMind Centering, and Feldenkrais. Come find your Eureka moments for increased health, fascial fitness, and deep restoration. Fun, therapeutic and invigorating!

Aerial Yoga, Aerial Hammocks and Aerial S

Enjoy the benefits of working with silk spandex hammocks for delightful, restorative, challenging events to heighten ease, range of motion, flexibility and strength.

Moving for Life

MovingForLife.org – low impact somatic movement classes for cardio, range of motion, strength, fascial fitness and low impact stretching.

BodyMind Dancing

This class is a culmination of somatic techniques from dance and exercise. This movement class is full of anatomical gems to profit from- to strengthen body mind connections, support ease, integration, creativity, build tone, flexibility and balance in a relaxed, supportive environment.

Somatic Conditioning Classes

Group sessions where the participants are verbally led through a series of coordinated movement sequences in basic positions. As you increase your awareness, you learn to let go of habitual movement patterns and develop new alternatives. Private Sessions are also available. This class is a fusion of somatic techniques including the work of Moisha Feldenkrais, Hanna Somatics, BodyMind Centering, Tom Myers, Rudolph Laban, Irene Dowd, Yoga, Pilates, Qi Gung and Dr. Martha Eddy.


Sandi Berman
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After years of constant pain, I met Sherry, first as a dancer (where she glows) and then as a therapist. For one brief year, I had no pain. Sherry is one of the few reasons I would consider moving back to the northeast.
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Sherry is a gifted therapist whose intuitive and extensive knowledge of body mechanics sets the standard for excellence. Her warm, welcoming classes offer a heartfelt and healing blend of multidiscipline experience that is rarely found. Truly a gem.
Mary Ellen
Mary Ellen
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I am happy and grateful to say that working with Sherry has helped me to attain better balance through finding stretching/strengthening exercises which help me attain more flexibility in my hands, feet and shoulders.