WELCOME to Eureka! Movement Wellness Center where we come to find our Eureka moments!

THANK YOU FOR YOUR INTEREST -take a look at what interests you, NO experience necessary for many of the classes. CALL WITH QUESTIONS!

GIFT CARDS are NOW AVAILABLE for classes, private sessions, duets,trios group events and workshops. Fun gifts for loved ones to find their Eureka moments!

“Meet your body and by your body meet yourself” - Unknown

Imagine waking up with energy and vitality, moving fluidly throughout the day with ease, projecting confidence. just how much could you accomplish if you felt you’re very best?

Come experience the benefits of deepening connections and understanding regarding our own anatomy, resources for ease, strength, flexibility and integration! Our Embodied/Experiential workshops beginning this week are $55 per workshop and $250 for the entire series. CALL for more INFO or to sign up online at MindBody!

These workshops will be taught by Registered Somatic Movement Therapist/Educator, Sherry Greenspan. The workshops will cover resources that she has found to be vital -valuable material developed from her years of research and experience with the techniques and modalities of Body-Mind Centering, Feldenkrais, Vladimir Janda, Pilates, Yoga, Qi Gung, Tom Myers, Bartenieff, Developmental research and Laban Movement Analysis and dance.

Come find your Eureka moments! Resources for the following challenges:

Feel supported with the skilled practitioners guiding you in the following beneficial modalities and systems:

Feel your best, discover more ease, and reveal new resources for well being, strength and integration.

Hello All! I am Sherry Greenspan, RSMT, DEP, MFLI, and Director of Eureka Movement Wellness Center. I am thrilled and honored to host many events, classes, sessions at Eureka - look forward to seeing you!
“…"After years of constant pain, I met Sherry, first as a dancer (where she glows) and then as a therapist. For one brief year, I had no pain. Sherry is one of the few reasons I would consider moving back to the northeast." – Sandi Berman, TX
“…Sherry is a guide/partner with a palette of possible exploratory tools, resources & options. She created a supportive environment … I now connect more fully, find more ease and have grown stronger.” – Laura Dilpon, Editor/Writer, NYC
"Sherry is a gifted therapist whose intuitive and extensive knowledge of body mechanics sets the standard for excellence. Her warm, welcoming classes offer a heartfelt and healing blend of multidiscipline experience that is rarely found. Truly a gem." – Cynthia
"Sherry is not only knowledgeable and competent but also kind and considerate...." – Mary Ann
“After a session with Sherry I feel full of ease…as I do following a fabulous massage” – Andrea Beckerman, Lawyer
"I started working with Sherry about 4 years ago.My workouts had always been about cardio - i thought the harder i pushed my body - the better it was and I had always wanted to try Pilates. - so i took a chance and met with her...Over the last 4 years i have seen remarkable changes in my body. Physically i am stronger, more open, and an unrelenting hip pain has disappeared. Sherry has also taught me the importance of slowing down and being mindful - allowing me to finally understand and incorporate into my life - a sense of balance and clarity. " – Maria
"I am happy and grateful to say that working with Sherry has helped me to attain better balance through finding stretching/strengthening exercises which help me attain more flexibility in my hands, feet and shoulders. – Mary Ellen